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Introducing the CDA Report (Chronic Disease Assessment)

We use the most powerful tool to bring better care for patients seeking more in-depth knowledge about their risks and how to lower them over time by incorporating Environmental, Clinical, Lifestyle and Genetic information.

The foundation of our solution: Knowledge Based on Evidence

  • 35k Scientific Publications Reviewed
  • More than 20K Genetic Risk Factors and more than 660 Non-Genetic Risk Factors Analyzed
  • Focuses risks factors specific to those Chronic Diseases with actionable variables
  • Provides report on Nutri-Genomics and Pharmaco-Genomics (with DNA)
  • We enable primary care doctors to have the latest scientific findings as a powerful tool for their practice.

Accurate Probability For

Chronic Diseases

Primary care physicians can get a full CDA Report at the click of a button

CDA Report Includes

  • Multi-factorial Chronic Disease Report
  • Genetic Only Disease Report
  • Drug Response Report (Only with DNA test)
  • Food Response Report (Only with DNA test)
  • Risk Analysis per Disease
  • Citations considered for the analysis (genetic and non-genetic)
  • Risk correlation report
  • Risk Variable Classification
  • Actual risk per age
  • Recommended actions

With the CDA Report, patients can view their ranked risks as well as address each modifiable and non-modifiable risk factor to be able to focus on the right one.

Benefits of working with us:

Now healthcare professionals can have a more meaningful conversation with their patients and guide them towards a better healthier life.

We look forward to scheduling a call and showing you this amazing tool.

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