We know the rising cost of Healthcare is impacting how services are provided to patients.
We constantly pursue ways to save money by streamlining processes and applying better financial practices… but.. It’s not enough
We’re bringing a solution that focuses the use of resources to clinically intervene the right group of cohorts at the right time addressing the right actionable factors to maximize impact in the short term, sounds great?

Introducing Point Of Maximum Leverage (POML)

Knowledge Base

Curated Content

Hundreds of actionable and non-actionable input factors were reviewed by experts, panels of physicians and scientists.
Broad Spectrum


Evidence-based derived from 70 million patient lives by computing risk factors, conditions and consequences.
Evidence Based


New literature is assessed and added if it meets the rigorous evidence-based criteria improving the solution on a daily basis.
Machine Learning

Evolving Knowledge

Comprehensive quality system continually evaluates the evolving model allowing doctors to have the latest findings.
Publications Analyzed
Validated Articles


The Level of opportunities for impactful interventions at which a fixed number of health management dollars are the most efficiently allocated to provide the maximum benefits to population health.

Acting from this point unifies the goals of improving population health outcomes while lowering costs. The goal is to maximize health given a (relatively) fixed level of resources.

Providers feel overwhelmed with all the things that could be done in population health.

We simplify the process,

We start with “Just do One Thing

The Point of Maximum Leverage, at the limit, is actually ONE MEMBER and ONE ACTIONABLE RISK FACTOR.

A more practical and impactful POML is a small cohort of the membership (<1%), where only one action is taken (e.g., reduce blood pressure), which represents the greatest possible outcome for the least possible effort.

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