Asset Tracking-Rfid

Whether you need to track equipment, people or any other valuable assets you need Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).

This technology will enable you to track your assets as they move through the facility. Know where your patients (adults and babies) are at all times, and who is visiting them.

Track all items you tag

We enable you to:

  • Identify & locate equipment, patients, visitors, know where they are using RAIN RFID and Bluetooth technology
  • Utilize Web API for cloud connected information services
  • Support passive and active tags in one plug-&-play platform

To get started, this is what you need:

Our solution provides a platform of products and web services enabling your organization to quickly build an application that answers typical questions

  • Where is my XYZ Equipment? I need it in Surgery Room 2 and it’s not there.
  • Where are all my wheelchairs, or any other group of equipment that belong to this section?
  • Who are the visitors for patient X? How many visitors are now in the hospital? Where are they?
  • XYZ Equipment is missing; can I see the movements of the last 24 hours?
  • Can I get an inventory of all or a group of equipment and their location?
  • Uses a floor plan visualizer that uses the brain information
  • Spots installation and tune up
  • Further movement events can be tracked by API
Faster application integration
Lower installation costs & superior ROI
Realized solutions & happy users

Let us show you Asset Tracking RFID in action. Contact us for a demo

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